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**** (4 Stars out of four)  9.0 of 10 IBDM

'BOYHOOD'   Movie Trailer, Movie Review, Cheap Tickets, Discount Theaters 

Leave it to wisened veteran producers Richard Linkletter (son of Art Linkletter) and actor Donald Sutherland to come up with perhaps the blockbuster movie of the summer if not year - certainly the top 'message'  movie.  With little fanfare to date but probably soon to come, 'Boyhood' stars newcomer Ellar Coltrane as the son, Mason  and Patricia Arquette as his mother; we watch as both  evolve figuratively and literally over a 12 year period  in their lives. 'Mason,' never quite fits in with the other kids; as the introspective kid he questions others, 'where's the magic'  as  scripted early in life for most kids ;  it will take his mother much longer to also realize how repeated mistakes (three marriages and several moves) have done nothing to improve her disposition in life. Only Mason's first (of the three) fathers, played by Ethan Hawke, also seems to sees the 'light' - early on-   only in a different way than Arquette, but becomes appreciated more by her after he grows and  she evolves.    movie schedules, movie showtimes, movie tickets, Movies, Boyhood, Richard Linkletter, Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke, Ellar Coltrane, Coming of Age,  good new movies    cinemark coupons,    top 10 movies,    Focus On The Family Movie Review

Mason, 'a good kid,'  seems to miss out - or not care- about the normal boyhood rites of passage and rather escape the  typical family trappings of being told what to do and how he should live his life. He doesn't develop strong relationships , perhaps for fear of this 'bondage' and gradually evolves as the individual, who appreciates the little things and 'moments' in life rather than  those things mapped out for us early in life (i.e. that we're told we're supposed to appreciate such as certain jobs,  relatives, family ceremonies and rituals, etc.)

'Boyhood' is not your typical coming of age movie - perhaps it's anti-coming of age. The movie runs a rull two hours and forty-five minutes to cover the expansive portion of said characters' lives.  It's definitely a thought-provoking movie that should be seen especially by those at cross-roads in their lives or young folks before they make the usual mistakes of growing up.

Though much of the audience at  our showing   spent   the movie laughing, we saw little of comedic valuein the film; perhaps the reaction by those was nervous laughter or , perhaps,  they didn't get the message, that was repeatedly drilled into our heads after seeing Arquette marry and escape combative husband after husband or seeing Mason continue to question the meaning of it all   - or perhaps some saw too much of the movie in their own lives.

It's hard to give a star grade to this kind of movie though if pinned down we'd have to give it 4 stars (****) ; all we know it kept our attention the full nearly three hours;we didn't see anyone walk out, either.   Standouts in the movie are the young Sutherland, Hawke and Arquette

We're told that the film was,amazingly, filmed over a 12 year period, mostly during the 2000s and following the actual development of the characters. All the following elements are a part of this long and rather complex movie:

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