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SNOWDEN Movie Will Impact Society, Election - FREE Film Tickets, Discounts, Schedule 

A Movie that has great significance on the current state of the union and will likely impact the upcoming Presidential election. 

Snowden Synopsis
The script is based on the books The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World's Most Wanted Man by Luke Harding and Time of the Octopus by Anatoly Kucherena.
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Critic reviews

Oliver Stone has made an honorable and absorbing contribution to the imaginative record of our confusing times. Full review

A. O. Scott
The NYTimes

"Snowden" isn't leftist-conspiratorial propaganda (though some may accuse it of being that). It's a riveting procedural docudrama that takes a deep dive into what surveillance has become. Full review

Owen Gleiberman

As a movie, “Snowden” computes. It's sexy, controversial, visually interesting. It’s also Oliver Stone’s best film since "JFK." Full review

Allen Salkin
New York Daily News

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hillary's America Movie Advance Tickets - 5 Star Movie from Dinesh D'Souza

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Conservative political pundit Dinesh D'Souza looks at 2016 presidentiacandidateHillary Clinton and the history of the Democratic Party. Co-directed by D'Souzaand Bruce Schooley

David Gelb~ 
Provided by Rovi

REVIEW:  Dinesh D'Souza 's Hillary's America  NOT An Attack Piece But A Much-Needed History Lesson and Wake-Up Call

by The Time Traveler 

       Mainstream media reviews such as Variety are already describing the new Dinesh D'Souza movie as an attack piece on Hillary as she runs for President.  But, 'Hillary's America: The Secret Story of the Democratic Party' is so much more.

      D'Souza spends at least half the movie NOT even discussing Hillary directly but, rather, setting the record straight on  the History of the Democratic Party - something that the  you won't find in today's history books (at least not those found in our children's  schools.)  Instead, D'Souza gives us a much-need history lesson-update on race relations in America from the beginning. And, he does quite an eye-opening job as one can in an hour and forty-seven minute movie, showing how key Democrat figures like Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson  set black and white race relations back after the Republican Party, and chiefly Abraham Lincoln had set  'Negroes'  free   during  the Civil War period.
       In more recent history, we learn how much of President Johnson's 1964 legislation to,

supposedly, improve the lot of black people, was really more self-serving than anything to help get Democrats elected while lining the pockets of the Administrations that followed President Kennedy-perhaps the last Democrat President that showed a true interest in  really helping the blacks.

       Then, we learn much about Saul Alinsky, a truly dark figure who has only become well-known since the Obama Administration.  Obama, like Hillary, have been disciples of Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' book in which Alinsky offered what are no longer so secret ways for Democrats- or, rather, socialists-to take control of America by 'keeping down'   not only the blacks but virtually every other 'non-believer' of the Alinsky system.  In a shocking interview shortly before he died in the early 1970s, Alinsky admitted to a belief feathering  the nests of the few at the expense of the rest of society -right out of the Communist play book.

      D'Souza shows how Alinsky and his disciples, including Hillary, will 'deny, deny, deny'  after doing their misdeeds while trying to distract and  obfuscate.

Just one of the many shocking facts from 'Hillary's America; - The Ebook, Movie and Book
      While there is so much information new to most of us, it's hard to immediately validate everything D'Souza tells us. While D'Souza does take a pretty one-sided approach, well that  is his strong belief and desire. While, there's no doubt fault to be found in the history of  some of the Republicans, too, we've yet to hear any solid rebuttal from the Democrats, though that could come. In the meantime, this writer plans to fact check , which will be a big project to cover over 200 years of American history. Though D'Souza gives us footnotes in the credits, the Democrats are open and may and should question D'souza's findings if there  are truly things wrong. No doubt there are   Republican leaders , too, who have been less than forthcoming when it came to race relations while bringing up America.

                If anyone has  right to make such a movie as 'Hillary's America' it's D'Souza, who was himself a rather innocent victim, it would appear, of a Democrat   (Obama)'s administration. D'Souza opens the movie and ends it with references to his own eight month  incarceration  in no country club prison for  what he describes has of minor crime of giving a friend more than the legal amount allowed of campaign contributions. He shows himself against a backdrop of his fellow prisoners laughing as he describes  his story as compared to their much more flagrant crimes of murder, burglary, etc.  D'Souza believes that his incarceration was Obama's 'get back' at him for his 2014 movie, 'Obama's America.'


      Comment in response to Variety (and other mainstream) reviews:

  Amazing how this (Variety) reviewer  is  nearly a lone voice among the 100+  commenters  responding to Owen Gleiberman's Variety review of 'Hillary's America'  who mostly refute this typical mainstream media person. D'Souza DOES offer the facts with real names and incidents, along with the footnotes,whereas this reviewer offers no facts or substance to back his  claims..'Hillary's America' should be required viewing for students of history today - not that it will necessary make an impact on  already-brainwashed public school kids, but some of the brighter folks will still 'see the light.' Take A Democrat to see 'Hillary's America' and you'll be doing America a favor

     Interesting to see so many un-supported media reviews - here's another  (Washington Post) - and the many respondents who don't let the reviewer off with his non-supported claims. How can a guy get away with calling D'Souza's  film making 'lazy' with no history?  It's anything but. As one of the commenters notes, he's probably some young, underpaid, un-educated dolt. Pretty sad if  newspapers today can't afford quality writers enough so to at least get facts right. .

     FINAL NOTE: Just to show what this movie could and should mean to society, we are already seeing even our so-called leaders/politicians unaware of the true history of America. Case in point: On ABC's 'This Week' Minnesota assemblyman Keith Ellison called Donald Trump 'the worst candidate since George Wallace,' probably unaware that Wallace was a Democrat.



from Whitewater to Benghazi and beyonde great Benghazi 
cover-up by Hillary & co 

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After giving the movie a great review, SF Chronicle head reviewer Mick LaSalle adds 'But Why would anyone want to see this movie'? Because it shows in LIVING COLOR   the incompetence and corruption within our own government. Perhaps the movie will have some positive effect in making some important changes via the upcoming elections and then leaves a slumping man in the chair. All we can think of is that LaSalle must be a Hillary Clinton supporter (which is ok but why let that color his REAL rating)



13 HOURS Movie "Gripping. Pulse-Pounding. Inspiring."  #13Hours Tix - FREE Ebook- Online Film Tix