Thursday, May 14, 2015

'Bucket List' - Timeless Movie Inspires With Two of the Best Actors

'Bucket List' -  Timeless Movie  Inspires With  Two of the Best Actors

***** 5 stars

The Bucket List starring Morgan Freemand and Jack Nicholson
directed by Rob Reiner

Two senior men with terminal cancer are roomates in a hospital
(Nicholson happens to own). After Nicholson is given six months
to a year to live,  the two decide that once out of the hospital
(Nicholson for chemo treatments and Freeman for a heart operation)
they will go off together to fulfill a 'bucket list,' concocted
with the help of each other. (Freeman fills out some of those
for Nicholson, such as reuniting with his estranged daughter
and for Freeman to meet a new woman-he's not getting on well
with his long-time wife).

Freeman or 'Carter' as he is known, goes off with Nicholson
against his wife's wishes; she was a long-time nurse who knows
the dangers of traveling with a bad heart condition, in fact,
Cater's catater would leak on one of the far off trips.

The two start off with the same initial challenge,a successful
sky dive. Then, The trip that takes them to exotic places like the Pyramids of
Egypt and Great Wall of China goes well with the two living
life to the fullest  and becoming fast friends. That is, until
they come home to finish their bucket list. While Freeman
had been upset with Nicholson for setting him up with a high
class hooker while on vacation -which Freeman politely turned down-
Freeman, perhaps getting back at him, surprised Nicholson drivingi up
to Nicholson's daughters house where he hoped Nicholson would
meet her. But,Nicholson would have nothing of it  and quickly left, furious with
Freeman and letting him go home on his own.

Freeman would have a serious setback and nearly die but, Nicholson
was able to gather his wits and best judgement to reunite with
Freeman in the hospital, getting back on good terms for the short
time Freeman survived. Nicholson would make a rare funeral
appearance to eulogize his new friend who 'saved my life,' but
would pass, himself, not much later.

The film had layers of stories and messages.
First, to make the best out of a bad situation. Second, to live life
to the fullest as if you weren't going to be around much longer -
as was the case here. Third, Freeman 'brought out' the reclusive
Nicholson for a happy reunion with his daughter and grandchild
while Nicholson helped Freeman rekindle a happy marriage.

Personally, I feel blessed that I can live my life now - and will -
IN GOOD HEALTH with or without a bucket list. Why wait until
I get a bad diagnosis. This should go for everyone.

The movie, from 2007, takes place in the late 1960s
during a somewhat turbulent time, but less so compared with today.
But the story line and messages are timeless. I'll put this one up
on the movie shelf along   side 'Its A Wonderful Life' as one
of the great inspirational movies.

'Bucket List' -  Timeless Movie  Inspires With  Two of the Best Actors